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Coat: H&M/ Hoodie: Raf Simons/ Kitty Paints: H&M/ Boots: Dr. Martens x Urban Outfitters/ Barbie Hat: Forever 21/ Bag: Louis Vuitton (Vintage)

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Hello Beautiful People ! This past two weeks in New York have been unforgettable. Everyday this city takes my breath away, with its beautiful streets and energetic atmosphere ! There are not enough words in the world to describe this city. New York the city that never sleeps. In here it feels like the days are 10 hours instead of 24, because everything happens so fast. I did some serious shopping to prepare myself for the cold days, that seem to come and go around here. Furry coats and leather boots were at the top of my list ever since I saw fall/winter 2014 fashion shows. Of course I always carry my mini vintage LV purse. Happy Halloween Loves 😉 :) .

Eva Nikolaevna

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